Sears Refrigerators

A quality refrigerator is one of the most important appliances that you can purchase for your homes kitchen.  There are many places to buy a new fridge freezer, but by far one of the best options is to get you one of the great Sears refrigerators.

You might think that the only brand of Sears fridges are available is Kenmore, but that is actually not the case. Today if you are seeking a Sears refrigerator, there is no end of different brand names available.

Maytag, Frigidaire, Samsung and Whirlpool are all solidly represented in your typical Sears outlet. GE – with their extensive lineup of Profile and Monogram refrigerators – also have a presence in the Sears fridge freezer lineup.

With all these different manufacturers in store, you can be spoiled for choice.  The choice does not stop there however as you also have to pick a style and size of refrigerator.  What refrigerator type do you prefer?

Bottom Freezer Refrigerators from Sears

This ever-popular fridge freezer category is well stocked by Sears’s stores.  One of the better offerings is the GE Profile PDCS1NCZ, an attractive 21 cu ft. capacity model.  The traditional Kenmore brand includes stainless steel models of this form factor – the Kenmore 7620 and 7827 being good examples.

Side By Size Refrigerator Freezers from Sears

Big selling side by side refrigerators are the staple of many an American kitchen.  One of the better options in this range is the ED5KVEXK from Whirlpool, which is sold with a variety of attractive finishes. For Kenmore models consider the 25 cu ft. Kenmore 5942, a solid performer.

Top Freezer Fridges from Sears

Shoppers seeking basic functionality that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg cannot do better than opting for a top mounted freezer unit.  Good selections from this rang include the Frigidaire FFHT1817 and the General Electric GTH18EBT; both of these units will provide good service at a reasonable price.

French Door Refrigerators from Sears

The premium models in the Sears refrigeration collect, French Door styles are growing in popularity of late.  A great choice in this model is the he Samsung RF4287HA; this is a massive 28 cu ft. unit finished in stainless steel.  For more standard refrigerator dimensions, consider the 23 cu ft. FRG237AA – also from Samsung.

Obviously there are a lot more Sears refrigerators available from stores than I have discussed here, but I hope this brief Sears refrigerator guide has given you some ideas for starting your shopping.


Sub Zero Refrigerator Prices

Sub Zero appliance prices are famous for being very high.  The question for the potential purchaser is whether the cost of Subzero refrigerators are good value.

The first thing to consider is that unless you have a very large budget, Subzero prices are most likely than not going to be out of your price range. If you are looking for a refrigerator priced in the hundreds, then save your some time and move onto another brand.

However, if you have – and are willing to spend – thousands of dollars then Subzero refrigerators have a lot going for them.  Standard in most of their models are sophisticated technologies such as their own dual-zone setup; which feature both dual evaporator coils and dual compressors.

If you are looking for the very best refrigeration available, the Sub-Zero PRO48 is this manufacturers’ flagship product. Packed with just about any conceivable feature, you will be hard pressed to find a similarly configured premium refrigerator from any other company.  Equally remarkable is the energy usage of this appliance – its power draw is comparable to a bright light bulb.

The PRO48 model features a lovely steel look, but there is also a PRO48G alternative.  This glass door refrigerator from Sub-Zero is a wonderful addition that fits well with in the most upscale kitchen.  Do take note that these units are very heavy.  The Sub zero refrigerator cost – in the neighborhood of fifteen thousand dollars – is somewhat justified by the sheer bulk of the units, they are very sturdy.

While most likely you are interested in a combination refrigerator freezer unit, Subzero refrigerators and freezers are also available as standalone appliances. The IC27FI is a narrow freezer that is referred to as an All-Freezer unit.  With a width of twenty-seven inches, the price of over five thousand dollars is rather steep, but you pay to play when it comes to Sub zero refrigerator pricing.

On a similar note, the IC27R is a popular Sub Zero freezerless refrigerator.  This model – also priced over $5000 – is great if you want premium refrigeration but have no need for additional freezer storage capacity.

Sub-Zero under counter refrigerators are also available.  Probably the best offering in this corner of their lineup is the UC24RO.  This outdoor refrigerator price is about twenty five hundred dollars, but it is a great option if you are considering the installation of a backyard kitchen on your property.

I’m sure by now you have seen that Subzero prices are not cheap.  Unfortunately this means their cost puts them out of the grasp of many shoppers.  If however you still feel they are right for you, check out this more detailed article on sub zero refrigerator prices for more information.


Cheap Refrigerators – A Lower Priced Alternative

Most people – finances permitting – would rather buy an expensive refrigeration unit than a cheaper refrigerator, largely because they think they offer a better solution in terms of style and quality. What they don’t know is that while those units might look more modern and commercialized, they do not necessarily represent good quality. In fact, many refrigerator reviews show that many expensive refrigerator freezers are over rated, and in some cases are not as durable as some cheap models.

There are many cheap refrigerators that are highly dependable and reliable. Of course, priced as low as they are, their feature sets are rather Spartan; they have only the most basic features like fridge and freezer compartments. They may not include extra add-ons like LCD monitors, water and ice dispensers, high tech temperature controls and the like.  These features are prevalent in units that are more expensive.

Inexpensive discount refrigerators may be less trendy, having only simple and minimalistic designs, but at least you know that they are durable and efficient. Some of them can even outlive the latest and most expensive refrigeration models.

Smart buyers can often find good deals when buying bargain basement refrigerators. There are many stores that offer great discounts and promos to those who are looking for inexpensive units. It is just a matter of choosing the correct refrigerator model that will do the job you need regardless of its cheap price. This can be very practical for consumers who are on a tight budget and cannot afford to buy fancier refrigerators, which cost substantially more.

There are many different types of inexpensive refrigerators units available in the market now. They come from many different manufacturers with varying dimensions and in a range of refrigerator sizes. Consumers can buy mini or compact refrigerators, standard sized refrigerators and even large sized refrigerators for very affordable prices.

For the average household, a standard sized refrigerator would be ideal since they can easily fit inside average sized kitchens and have adequate storage capacity for most needs. However, larger households may need a bigger unit with bigger storage capacity, but must be sure they have room in their kitchens for these larger models.

As for consumers who are looking for small refrigerators that they can use in small areas in the house, then the mini or compact refrigerator would be best.  These are also very handy for use as college dorm refrigerators or as beverage storage units in a mini bar.

Regardless of your application, there are discount refrigerators available that will serve you well. You may very well find that a low priced Sears refrigerator serves you just as well as a fancy model from a manufacturer such as the high end Sub Zero.

Sub-Zero Pro 48 Refrigerator: Updated, Improved and Refined

An amazing variety of refrigerators that are sporting good looks are now hitting the market today. Not only refined are they when it comes to exterior design, they also hold a decent promise to address the varying storage and cooling demands of most consumers. Most of them are acceptable or fairly mediocre in combining style and quality. If you want to experience the best, then Sub-Zero Pro 48 is highly recommended. Available in two basic design – solid door and glass door design – the Pro 48 is reputable as the crème of the crop among the Sub-Zero refrigerator units.

Obviously the Pro 48 refrigerator design is the grandest among the fridge models displayed in a typical Sub-Zero. Magnanimous in its 800-lb design and wide-ranging in its 48? design, Sub-Zero Pro 48 is defined as the “true masterpiece of preservation”. This is Sub-Zero Preservation’s ultimate design for a refrigerator, the brand’s gift to consumers who value more on quality rather than price.

There’s nothing more updated, improved and refined than Sub-Zero Pro 48 refrigerator. Here in this particular Sub-Zero fridge type, you can experience the bold vision of the luxury brand in the approach of food preservation. Durable stainless steel construction both inside and out, dual refrigeration system and advanced temperature controls are just few of the highlights of this fridge design. Apart from this, the chance of needing any repair for your SubZero is minimal due to the fridge’s high scores in predicted reliability tests.

Sure, the Sub-Zero Pro 48 refrigerator is the newest way to tackle your cooling and refrigeration demands – with style. And although the price quotes of all Sub-Zero refrigerators are well hidden due to the brand’s non-disclosure policies, one thing is true: it comes at such a high expense. So you better be ready if you got your eyes set on one.


Refrigerators – Know The Difference Between Good And Bad

When it comes to buying fridges, can you tell the good ones from the bad? If you can, then pin a feather on your cap. The fact is, only few people can distinguished the difference between good and bad in fridges just by reading their product descriptions and technical specifications – they’re usually bound to realize they have made the wrong mistake only after years of using the appliance. True, it may be easy to figure out the difference between “cheap” and “expensive” in terms of price but if the quality of the fridge is to be discussed, then this is where the dilemma sinks in. Add the complexity of which among the varying models of home refrigerator dimensions and sizes fits you best and you will surely want to step back and take a deep breath.

A big ticket appliance like a refrigerator shouldn’t have to be a financial risk if you know where to find the best deals in fridges. Here are some of the straightforward pieces of advice that you may want to consider the following:

  • Find an appliance retail store that you can trust. This is in terms of warranty, repair and other technical services.
  • Get the best deals of fridges by widening your options, not just limiting your fridge choices to a particular store.
  • Determine which among the many brands of refrigerators today best encapsulate your ideal features and functions for a fridge unit.

Still, the most fundamental point that you need to remember when it comes to purchasing a fridge is that it’s a very personal buying experience. Various refrigerator reviews (most of them have commercial leanings) and recommendations from friends may affect your final decision one way or the other but you need to know that choosing a refrigerator is a personal endeavor. Why is that? This is because you have to take into account your personal cooling and storage needs which may be different to those of all other buyers, including professional refrigerator reviewers.

Refrigerator Sizing – Exploring Your Refrigerater Dimension and Capacity Requirements

The size of a refrigerator is an important aspect to consider whenever you are in the market for a new refrigerator.  While the biggest and best possible fridge freezer is many peoples dream appliance, you need to be practical when shopping – these large fridges are quite simply not suitable for most kitchens.

For one thing, large refrigerator prices are generally quite high.  Therefore, if you want a large refrigeration unit you are generally going to have to pay a whole lot of cash – or take on some big credit card debt – to purchase it.

The other very important factor with big refrigerators is that they require a lot of space to install. While most of us probably wish we had a huge kitchen with a large corner set aside for our refrigerators, the fact is that most of us have to deal with space constraints to at least some extent.

When considering the capacity of the refrigerator you need to purchase, there are two competing aspects to balance.  First you need to understand if a particular refrigerator dimensions are feasible for your installation, if they are not you will need to select a smaller unit.  The length, width and depth of your install area are going to determine the upper boundaries of the fridge size you can buy.

Secondly is the refrigerators internal capacity.  You are going to want to have the largest possible interior storage, without exceeding the limits you have set on your dimensions.  Thankfully, this type of information is easy to obtain.  A rough and ready refrigerator size guide can be obtained by simply researching a particular appliance online.

After identifying a range of appropriate refrigerators by size, your next steps are to do the more traditional steps of looking at the brand name, reputation and features.  Even if you do not have space for a standard refrigerator size unit in your kitchen, you can still shop by functionality.

No matter whether you have selected large, small or standard refrigerator sizes for your purchase, you should also consider appearance.  Even compact refrigerators can often be had with premium finished such as stainless steel or wooden paneling.

Your finances, of course, are another critical item to consider.  Clearly you cannot purchase a high-end Subzero refrigerator – even the smallest ones – on a Wal-Mart refrigerator budget. Often, though not always, a small kitchen reflects limited funds.  Thankfully many small fridge are relatively cheap refrigerators, which makes life a lot easier for you as a buyer.

Keep all the concepts discussed in this refrigerator sizing guide in mind when buying, and you should be able to avoid unpleasant surprises when you get your new fridge freezer home!